In addition to supporting actions relating to online defamation and brand reputation,  KwikChex investigations services are provided on a stand-alone basis.

They include gathering and providing evidence related to:


Dishonest and fraudulent websites are used prolifically to defraud millions of people and businesses.

KwikChex has an extensive range of tools and resources that detect such sites. Our investigations provide the proof that enables warnings to consumers to be issued and actions to be taken against the websites and the perpetrators.



The scale of fraudulent activity in modern society is huge. In the UK alone, it has recently been estimated to be costing the economy £193 billion per year – which equates to £6000 being lost every second of every day. It is not surprising that the authorities feel that they are fighting a losing battle against this tide. KwikChex investigations help the authorities to combat many frauds, providing vital evidence for prosecutions.



KwikChex gathers evidence of breaches of consumer protection laws. This is used to assist affected people and businesses in remedial actions, including refunds and replacement goods and services. Where there are indications of wilful widespread Illegal activities, we also provide such evidence to law enforcement authorities and to courts.



Online fake reviews are used to deceive consumers and to damage the reputation of good businesses. There are millions of such reviews online and KwikChex has led the fight to tackle this problem. We carry out robust investigations and gather evidence which is used to remove reviews, expose cheating businesses and for defamation actions.



KwikChex leads the Timeshare Task Force initiative. This is a free service to help protect consumers. It includes providing verified information on businesses in the sector via the Timeshare Business Check website, including those that say they provide legal and claims assistance and those that sell related products, such as ‘Leisure Credits’ and Holiday discount schemes. KwikChex has been responsible for obtaining substantial refunds for consumers.



One of the elements that KwikChex provides on a purely free of charge, supportive basis is the undertaking of investigations into websites reported as being involved in child abuse issues. We are dedicated to acting quickly and professionally against these hideous practices and work with the relevant authorities to close websites down and wherever possible will support criminal prosecutions against the perpetrators.

KwikChex online investigation services give assistance to consumers, businesses, individuals and law enforcement agencies, including the following
  • Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Financial Ombudsman Service
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  • Lawyers
  • UK Trading Standards
  • European Consumer Centre Network
  • UK Ministry of Justice
  • Companies House
  • Competition and Markets Authority
  • UK Police
  • Direccion General de Comercio y Consumo (España)
  • Insolvency Service
  • Television & Newspaper Journalists

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