KwikChex has successfully removed hate material targeting private citizens as well as businesses. In 2012, vicious attacks against a whole family were reported to KwikChex after the victims had been unable to remove them from Google’s own resources. After investigating and identifying the perpetrator, KwikChex presented the evidence to Google and all the material was removed. Warnings were then issued that further occurrences would result in the filing of criminal harassment charges. This is how the victims described what took place
“Google had failed to respond to us or to police. My MP had been helpless, my trade union uninterested; lawyers demanded large sums with no guarantee of success. Kwikchex were hugely sympathetic and pulled out all the stops with their particular  expertise and finally Google did the right thing and took the blog down. The Kwikchex team did what others had failed to do and protected us.”
KwikChex has also worked with the BBC on ‘Beating the cyberbullies’ Watch the BBC broadcast here –