In 2013, our private investigators, posing as tourists recorded evidence of deceit, misrepresentation and breaches of consumer laws in Tenerife. Touts working for Voyager Holidays were captured displaying badges that claimed they were part of the official local tourism office. The badges also displayed the logos of reputable companies such as Thomson, First Choice and Monarch Airlines, as well as the ABTA logo – all unauthorised and all designed to deceive. Our investigators then participated in a scratch card promotion – and supposedly won a holiday and other prizes, which had to be collected from Club Puerto Atlantico. A long sales process took place, which also was full of gross misrepresentation, including claiming to be ABTA bonded – and which culminated in pressure to purchase a discounted holiday package for £15,000. The product was not as represented and was in effect virtually worthless, with no genuine discounts that could not be achieved by searching and buying online. All the evidence was transcripted and provided for support in prosecution and media exposure.
Warning – several other scams are taking place in Tenerife at present. If you are in any doubt as to the legitimacy of offers made to you, contact KwikChex to double check.